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Posted: March 28, 2010
By: Es
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Amish Grace!
Hey guys!! After ages and ages of no updates, here is one! as you all know, Madison filmed a movie called Amish Grace a few months ago, and it will air, TONIGHT! It will air at 8:00 EST/5:00 PST, so I hope you guys can all tune in! I've also added a bunch of new pictures a while ago, mainly behind the scenes pictures of the two movies Madison most recently filmed but also some promotional still of Amish Grace, so enjoy! Other than that there really hasn't been much news. Madison and her family are so busy and Madison has many many passions besides acting so our girl is definitely entertaining herself! Click the thumbnails below to see the pics!

As you all might know Madie's birthday was waaaay back in November, but we still hope she had a great one! Don't worry, I send her an email congratulating her from all her fans! Her brother Gage had his birthday more recently, so happy belated birthday Gage!

Joboots | May 02, 2010
Some shots of Madie at the Lollipop Theater Game day
have popped up,so check for them ASAP!!!!
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