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Posted: January 11, 2011
By: Es
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Some information!
Hey guys! Today I have some information on Madie's new bookings! First, we know a new cast member of Dibbuk Box and he will play Madison's dad! It's the one and only Jeffrey Dean Morgan! (I loved him as Denny in Grey's Anatomy!) The movie starts shooting in the end of January and Madison gets to travel to Vancouver, Canada to film it, isn't that cool?! We also now know in which Shameless episodes Madison will be and who she will play! Madie plays the character of Ethel, the foster child of the characters Kev and Veronica! She will be in episodes 8,9 and 12 of season one, let's hope they get to shoot a second season and ask Madie back! Thanks to the lovely Brooke and Emmy Rossum we have a lovely picture of Madison and fellow actress Emma Rose Kenney at the table reading for episode 12 woohoo.gif

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