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Posted: September 23, 2009
By: Es
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Madison's new booking
Yep yep, we're back with a really nice update! Our dear Madison has booked a new movie!! I'm so excited about it and I hope you are too! The movie is called Man of the House and she will play Lindsay! Here's a short summary:

Ben Landis (Elliott) is shocked when his boss gives him the news that his job as an advertising executive is over because he makes too much money and can be easily replaced by three younger guys for the same amount. He shares the news with his two children, Lindsay (Madison Davenport), age 12, and Dylan (Will Shadley), age 8, who have many questions. Then he fires his live-in housekeeper who he can no longer afford to keep. Now in the role of Mr. Mom, he immediately begins making a mess of everything… the kitchen, dropping the kids off at school, managing Dylan’s asthma attack and making cupcakes for the school bake sale.

CONGRATULATIONS MADISON! I also found a really cute post talking about Madison. It was written by the mother of Kayla Oertle, who plays the younger version of Madison's character! There is also a cute picture of her and Madison there, click below to read the full piece of text. To avoid any confusion, the movie was previously called "Love Is What Keeps Us Together".

Last but not least, some of you might have noticed that I removed the chatbox. This is because someone had been posting mean things towards other people and that simply is not what this website is for. For that reason, and the lack of other options, I decided to remove the chatbox. I'm sorry for the people who did make nice comments, but you can always comment to each update by clicking the comment link next to the title of the update.

Mariella | May 07, 2010
heart.gifheart.gif i love you madison davenport.....ur sopretty...woohoo.gif r theprettiest,i saw you at kit kittredge:an american girl...and your awesome there....
Becca | October 06, 2009
Congrats Madison!! cute.gif You deserve it! :D I love this pic of her, she's going to do awesome in this role! :D
jacob.h | September 24, 2009
madisonˇ®s growing up so fast and i hate those people who been mean to madison that's just horrible and unbelievable and i dont know why i mean shes just a kid!
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